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Accreditation Update: What Does Zero Harm Look Like?

by Joint Commission Resources Quality and Safety Network on 05/13/19

The Joint Commission has been advocating the idea of healthcare adapting methods from high-reliability organizations in other industries, like air travel, nuclear power and amusement parks, for several years. Their circumstances may not be directly transferable to hospitals and health systems, but general principles can be absorbed from those industries, such as having leaders taking full responsibility major changes like zero harm.

Such a culture change doesn’t come easy, though the Joint Commission has resources to encourage healthcare organizations to make the leap, like self-assessment tools, training for what it calls Robust Process Improvement (RPI) and change management and working with state hospital associations. Current methods, like initiatives that settle for “30 percent good outcomes, 70 percent failure” or that see improvements melt away after a specific project has been completed, won’t be enough to meet that zero harm goal.

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