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Technical Support for JCRQSN Subscribers
If you have difficulty accessing the online program or need assistance, please contact our customer service team at 1-888-219-4678 or Click Here to send an email.  

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Improve quality care, ensure a safe environment and reduce risks to patients and staff.  Subscribe today and you’ll get monthly programs designed to provide you with tools to strengthen the quality of your patient care initiatives.

Request Subscription Information or call Customer Service: 1-888-219-4678. 

The JCRQSN program is a monthly series of video conference training sessions produced by 
Joint Commission Resources  (JCR) in partnership with The Wellness Network.  The Wellness Network is 
the distributor of the series and has no  influence on the content.  

To learn more, please contact Customer Service at or call 1-888-219-4678.
To learn more please contact us at 888-219-4678.

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