Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who provides the content for the programs? 
Joint Commission Resources experts provide all of the program content. These experts include: JCR Consultants, The Joint Commission Surveyors, Standards Interpretation Group experts, and leading healthcare experts/practitioners. 

2. Are there continuing education credits associated with these programs?
Every program is accredited for physicians by the ACCME, nurses by the ANCC, healthcare executives by the ACHE and quality managers by the NAHQ. Several programs per year are also accredited for pharmacists by the ACPE. 

3.  Is there a way that I can evaluate the programs prior to the purchasing decision?
We currently offer a free 2-week trial to customers that may be interested in purchasing the product.  Click here to sign-up for your free trial.

4. If I purchase a subscription, how many employees can access the programs via the Healthcare Management System? 
Every employee in your hospital will be able to access the programs via the Healthcare Management System as long as they have access to the Internet. 

5. If we belong to a hospital network, will all hospitals within the network have access to JCRQSN programming?
If all hospitals in a network are listed in the contract, then all can receive the programs. 

6.  I am having problems viewing the video stream, how can I fix this?   

  • If you are experiencing problems viewing the video stream, please make sure that http://* is white-listed by your hospital's IT department.

  • Review the System Requirements to verify that your system meets the minimum requirements. Links are provided there to install or update your media player or Internet browser. If your system meets the minimum requirements listed, try selecting a different connection type.

7.  I can hear audio, but the video doesn't play. What should I do?
This could be caused by insufficient bandwidth. Try selecting a device with a faster internet connection.

8. What does "buffering" mean?
Buffering occurs when your connection speed to the Internet is less than that required to play the video stream. In most cases, the presentation will begin after a few seconds of buffering, which gives the connection a head start. If you are experiencing frequent buffering during playback (it may appear as a temporary pausing of images), try using a lower bandwidth connection type.

9. Can I download the programs for later viewing?
Yes, in 2011 we introduced a new feature which allows you to download a high-resolution version of the program for later viewing.  

10.  Can I view these programs on a Macintosh compatible computer? 
To view programs on a Macintosh compatible computer, you can download a high-resolution version of the program once the archived course is available.

11. What if I experience problems with the programming or the Learning Management System? 
Our customer support team provides a personalized training session for you and is available to assist you with any problems you may encounter.  If you need assistance, please call 1-888-219-4678 or send an email to

12. What if I have a Joint Commission related question following the program? 
As a JCRQSN customer, you can e-mail us your questions, which are submitted directly to Joint Commission Resources. We then provide their answers promptly to you. 

13. We are a small facility. Can we purchase the programs "ala-carte"?
No, the programs are only available as a full subscription. Discounts are available for smaller facilities. To learn more about available subscription options, please call 1-888-219-4678 or send an email to

The JCRQSN program is a monthly series of video conference training sessions produced by 
Joint Commission Resources  (JCR) in partnership with The Wellness Network.  The Wellness Network is 
the distributor of the series and has no  influence on the content.  

To learn more, please contact Customer Service at or call 1-888-219-4678.
To learn more please contact us at 888-219-4678.

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